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Pagealizer helps increase landing page conversion by showing relevant usage data and suggesting page design and landing page optimization. We show in great detail how long people visit a page, bounce rate, how far visitors scroll down a page, and where visitors clicked. Our patent pending algorithm then analyzes page performance so we could suggest what should be done to improve user interaction in your site. Even an experienced site owner would be surprised by the insights obtained from our website analysis. If you are interested in landing page optimization and landing page conversion, then Register Now! - Pagealizer is for you.
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Visit length

It took visitors less than 30 seconds before they left the page. How long do people read your pages?

Time On Page
Scroll distance

Most visitors saw only the first third of the page. How far did people scroll on your pages?

Scroll Distance
Where people click

Which links, forms and images are most clicked upon on your page.

Where do people click
  • Real time statistics
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How many times have you looked at your analytics account and thought: What now? How can I improve my page conversion?

There are many web analytics tools and conversion trackers which provide important data on your page performance but they don't help you understand WHY your pages convert the way they do.

This is why you need Pagealizer. Pagealizer tracks user interaction and suggests what needs to be done to improve user interaction in your site.

Bounce rate and time spent on site

Not all page bounces are the same: know if visitors bounce immediately after they land at your site or after they read your page.

Most site analytic services estimate how long a visitor has been on a page by noting the time lapse between when a visitor arrives and when that visitor views another page on the site. This calculation is a good estimate but has its weakness when calculating the first page visit length - sometimes there isn't a second page view! This metric is critically important (but is usually missing or inaccurate) for landing/sales pages which, many times, do not trigger another page view.

If visitors leave your site after just 2 seconds, something is wrong with either your graphics or layout. But if visitors leave after 10 seconds either your page copy does not have conversion exits or is not appealing enough. In both instances common analytics will merely record a page bounce but not tell you how long the visitor has seen your site.

This can have a huge impact on your bounce rate. When you track your bounce rate it is important to know how long a visitor has seen your page. If you have a high bounce rate and people read your landing page, you can improve the bounce rate by adding more 'call to action' links. If you have a high bounce rate but people do not read your landing page, you probably need to change your page texts and layouts.

Only Pagealizer will let you find out how long people really read your page and thereby you learn more about your bounce rate. Our tracking code pings Pagealizer's servers as long as your visitors view your site; we do not rely on cookies to track visit length.

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while tracking time spent on site.

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Scroll distance

Know how far down the page your visitors scroll.

Landing pages can be long and detailed or short and precise. Do you know how far down the page your visitors scroll? If you have a long landing page and people scroll only halfway down, it indicates there are a number of things you could do in order to improve the conversion rate - add more 'call to action' links in the first half of the page, improve page copy or promise special offers in the end of the page. Track how far down visitors scroll and find out if your landing page needs to be improved.

Click maps

Learn which "call to action" items get visitors" attention and which do not.

There are many click maps/heat maps services. Knowing where visitors click is as important as knowing where visitors do not click. With click maps you can know which 'call to action' buttons and graphics grab visitors' attention and which are overlooked by them.

Optimization suggestions

Get knowledge - not just raw data!

When analyzing your page clicks, scrolls and time spent Pagealizer's algorithms crunch your sites statistics and tell you how and which parts of the page need to be changed in order to improve your page conversion. Most web analytics tools give you plain data. Pagealizer gives you knowledge - it tells you what happened in your site PLUS what needs to be done in order to improve it!

* Real time statistics

* Unlimited page tracks

* Page improvement tips

* Just add a short Javascript code to your pages


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